PVE respond to the critical issues highlighted by European Union’s first fire safety debate

The European Parliament held its first ever debate on fire safety on 13th September, in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and, with the failure of buildings across the UK to pass fire safety tests, PVE are responding to significant and serious concerns regarding the possible dangers of outdated and poorly functioning car park ventilation systems. Our new website highlights issues facing construction companies and developers throughout the UK.

The critical issues of outdated or poorly-functioning ventilation systems and the lack of maintenance of existing systems have often been overlooked, with many older systems remaining unchanged and uninspected since installation. PVE work with clients to address critical safety problems – as well as offering greater efficiency – through refurbishment and through the Remote Automated Maintenance Programme (RAMP).

Attached to PVE’s service and maintenance teams, eco-park® refurb audits and inspects car park facilities, including the payback period within their calculations. RAMP offers distance monitoring and ventilation system control for optimum performance, providing maximum protection when needed most – i.e. in the event of a fire. The multi-functional RAMP control panel automatically alerts both building staff and PVE engineers of any fault, as well as the need for routine maintenance, allowing for immediate corrective action.

PVE’s new website brings together of all the company’s areas of expertise in one straightforward overview, with full technical specifications for eco-park®, details of refurbishment services and RAMP, as well as offering visitors to the site the opportunity to request a free air quality assessment to help maximise project design options and to avoid non-compliance.

Andrew Mowat, Managing Director at PVE, comments, “We have long stressed the issues around poorly-functioning ventilation systems, as well as the importance of system maintenance. Compliance with regulatory obligations should be at the forefront of building owners’ minds – potentially meaning the difference between life and death. We wanted to demonstrate PVE’s expertise, not only in the specification of new ventilation systems, but also our refurbishment and maintenance services – we hope the new website brings these together in a clear, interesting and informative way.”