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eco-park® at a glance

The advantages of eco-park® systems extend well beyond normal car park ventilation modernisation boundaries. Our innovative technologies, which include the most advanced components and control systems, have a positive impact on the environment, reducing raw materials, energy usage, excavation costs and many other factors.

eco-park® advantages

  • Savings on the number of fans used
  • Savings on cabling  & raw materials
  • Savings on containment
  • Savings on system power consumption
  • Savings on installation time
  • Savings on acoustic attenuation
  • Savings on back-up power supply
  • Savings on size of control gear and panel
  • Savings on excavation
  • Savings on yearly maintenance and service
  • Savings on replacement parts

Other benefits of the eco-park® system

  • eco-park® systems offer better air dilution and movement throughout the car park.
  • Our unique twin discharge induction fans are designed to be positioned above driving lanes so there is no loss of performance or restriction of air flow.
  • eco-park® products are all tested and matched to complement each other.
  • CFD design support when required is always produced by an independent consultant and specialist in car park design.
  • Our prices are always competitive, comprehensive, full and final.
  • We are the only company that gives a detailed and guaranteed scope of supply.
  • PVE offer a selection of other car park, above ground and lobby ventilation products all designed to complement eco-park®.