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PVE respond to the critical issues highlighted by European Union’s first fire safety debate

The European Parliament held its first ever debate on fire safety on 13th September, in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and, with the failure of buildings across the UK to pass fire safety tests, PVE are responding to significant and serious concerns regarding the possible dangers of outdated and poorly functioning car park ventilation systems. Our new website highlights issues facing construction companies and developers throughout the UK.

HC PVE introduce free air quality assessments

The quality of air we breathe daily is one of the greatest concerns and threats to people across the globe. In Europe alone over 40 million people suffer from asthma and allergies caused or related to bad indoor air quality.

We feel it is our mission not only to design state of the art ventilation systems but also to educate and advise on all aspects of air quality. For this reason, we have introduced a new section within our web site where the developer can secure an air quality assessment document at design stage. This will ensure that the system being installed will provide clean air in all corners of their development all day every day.

This unique engineered document/report is available free of charge to developers and can be used as the system specification for air quality and for purposes of planning applications. The full and final report will then be issued as part of the contract and should in reality form part of any technical submission put forward for building approval.

HC Group complete the world’s most sustainable office building

Not in Tokyo, New York, Delhi, London or Paris, but in Amsterdam you can find the world’s most sustainable office building: The Edge. The sophisticated design, combined with smart and advanced technology, resulted in a 98.36% (BREEAM-NL) sustainability score for the building. The Edge sheds n820ew light on real estate in the future: buildings that actually generate more energy than they consume.

SIG plc acquires HC Group and HC PVE Ltd

SIG plc announces that it has acquired HC Group the specialist air handling systems provider. Based in the Netherlands and the UK the HC Group has a turnover in excess of €45 million.

As a leading European distributor of specialist building products, SIG Plc are a FTSE 250 company with a global turnover in excess of £2.6 billion. Founded in Sheffield in 1957, they employ over 9,000 people across more than 660 trading sites in the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe. The group has a product and services base of significant scale and a strong position in each of its 4 core product areas of Exterior, Interior, Insulation and Air Handling.

30/01/2015 – Award Winners

HC PVE has won the award “Best Performing Company” within the €45 million HC Groep.

This prestigious award is given each year to the company that has made the greatest progress whilst having the fastest rate of growth and profitability.

This is the first time this accolade has been awarded to a company outside of the Netherlands and PVE faced stiff competition from Barcol Air and many others within the group.