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Innovative, tailored solutions covering everything from new build design and installation to refurbs, air quality consultancy, servicing and maintenance

Unique, patented technology

Established in 2004, PVE is the UK’s foremost car park ventilation specialists. We are part of the international SIG Group.

Our eco-park® systems, designed for both commercial and residential buildings, have at their heart a unique twin discharge induction fan that was designed and patented in 2003. Generation two of this ground-breaking technology was introduced in 2007 and brings to eco-park® systems a significant number of technical, financial and environmental benefits.

Remote Automated Maintenance Programme (RAMP): protecting lives and property

With lives and property at stake, regular servicing and maintenance of car park ventilation systems is vital. They are classified as ‘life safety systems’ and as such need to be serviced twice a year.

Our Remote Automated Maintenance Programme gives you complete peace of mind, ensuring optimum system performance at all times and providing you with a certified and dated service log.

Under the programme, we are notified the instant any fault arises, allowing us to correct it right away and providing you with the reassurance that, should an incident occur, your maintenance records are accurate and up to date and in full accordance with the necessary regulatory compliance and certification.

Over 2,000 installations

PVE’s eco-park® smoke ventilation systems are the result of over twenty years of innovation, research and development. The pioneering induction fan that underpins the eco-park® system has to date proven itself in over 2,000 installations worldwide.