CFD Calculations

Together with the customer and/or fire services, a CFD calculation can be made in advance.

Using a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation) it is possible to gain an understanding of the airflow and visually check both CO and smoke/heat control.

3D modelling

To carry out this simulation, a 3D model of the car park will be produced. With the help of mathematical formulae the technical installation and control strategy will be processed within the model. The entrance of the carpark will be designed as real openings or closed areas. After the model has been equipped with matching physical parameters, the simulation will start. Using the limited volume method, the flow and energy balance per period of time will be calculated.

The simulation results can be analysed per period for different quantities. The results will be presented in a detailed report in accordance with the analysis/description and concept direction of the particular site. Such simulations should always be carried out by independent consultants and can be used to support the design process and its relationship to the actual design by making it possible to test the system via simulation at an early stage.

Presenting the results of CFD simulation often reassures and improves communication between parties and enables them to alter the scheme or the design of the building to fine tune the ultimate system.