About HC PVE and eco-park®

Established in 2004, HC PVE are the UK’s foremost car park ventilation specialists. They are part of the multi-national HC Groep of air technology companies.

HC PVE’s  eco-park® Systems, designed for both commercial and residential buildings, have at their heart a unique twin discharge induction fan that was developed and patented by the HC Group’s car park ventilation division in 2003. Generation two of this ground-breaking fan was introduced in 2007 and brings to eco-park® Systems a significant number of technical, financial and environmental benefits.

Over 2,000 installations

HC PVE’s eco-park® Systems are the result of over twenty years of innovation, research and development. The pioneering induction fan that underpins the eco-park® system has to date proven itself in over 2,000 installations worldwide.

Drawing upon a vast amount of experience and technical expertise, HC PVE have developed eco-park® to provide innovative, tailored solutions that out-perform all traditional venting systems.

HC PVE Car Park Ventilation