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Cutting Edge? Innovation? We are delighted to present
Our New, Free Design based APP available on iPhone.


We have entered the digital age and the innovators that are always striving to be the first in providing new technologies have created an app compatible with iPhone, to aid and assist all aspects of the construction life cycle. Our innovative engineers are constantly seeking both excellence and simplicity in all aspects ofthe design, supply and install industry.

The app brings a new design based engineering concept to the forefront of the market, hopefully eliminating the practice of closed protocol quotes and systems. What we have created is a well-defined guide for car parks up to a maximum area of 3000m². It features a simplistic summary of the parameters needed to comply with the British standards for a Smoke Clearance system.

We have adapted our administration systems to deal with a high volume of quotations both effectively and efficiently, one of these developments includes a special app quote specification which will be sent within 24 hours of requesting a quote via our head office. This gives an excellent estimation of an end cost price, which ties in perfectly with our company policy of having no hidden agendas, costs or extras.

This is the first of its kind and has been designed as a specialist, easy to use practical tool, to help with the selection and application of car park ventilation systems whilst also complying fully with BS7346-7 2006.


What is so special about Eco-Park® ?
Sustainability and energy efficiency has become the most desired specifications in new and existing developments and here at HC PVE we are leading that reformation. Our Eco Park® app highlights the systems average energy consumption and compares this to another commonly used fan based systems.
Our Eco-Park® systems have clearly optimised all elements of car park ventilation systems since its launch. In a world suffering from dwindled natural resources, Eco-Park® is playing its part; in fact our latest calculations have shown that in the last 18 months we have saved over 500 Thrust Fan Units enabling us to save a considerable, 37 kilometres of copper cable in comparison with the older impulse systems.

“The Creation of ECO-Park® was not driven by the quantity of fans we might produce but rather by the amount of raw materials we can save. We still remain suprised that older impulse based systems are still being considered in this modern era where sustainability and energy saving are the core values."
Says Ernst Wehden, Director

What are the benefits to the construction industry

With Architects in mind, this can be used to plan the underground car parking space, allowing for natural ventilation to be achieved or provisions for a mechanical extract, factors that can both enhance and speed up bespoke design requirement.

With Building Consultants in mind, it can be seen as one less thing to worry about in the construction life cycle. You will have access to a specialist design tool that can help portray an image of the ventilation system before building work has even commenced.

That's not all, it aids both Contractors and Developers to enhance system estimation and provide information about system costs and requirements, with the added bonus of getting a comparison with older impulse systems.

Key Features

- Easy-to-use, yet powerful interface.
- Created by experts in their field amassing over 50 years of fan engineering experience.
- Instant calculations for car park design specifications under 3000m².
- Optional quotation technology, allowing fast generation of price and essential parameters.
- Information and Specifications on induction based systems.
- A comparative guide with older impulse based systems.
- Quotation History page, allowing quotes to be easily reconfigured upon a parameter change.
- Access to the calculations required to achieve, full mechanical or assisted natural ventilation systems.



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Benefits of HC PVE - Ltd

• We are a UK based company currently able to offer the more cost effective and efficient Induction Ventilation System.

• HC-PVE are not simply a fan supplier but a company dedicated to supplying the finest fully comprehensive range of parking ventilation equipment

• Each product supplied by HC-PVE has been type tested, certified and approved to the latest and relevant European standards.

• HC- PVE can issue a fully comprehensive specification with each component or item purchased.

• PVE have an ongoing and continuous development programme, not limited by group policy, which has enabled us to develop and launch the next generation and more efficient Induction system.